Mary fumbled through her papers until she found the card for Brad, the code inspector for her area.  She prided herself on not getting rid of important papers. She had met him previously through another project related to her home. She called him and left a message that said she was having issues with her heat. 

The next day, Brad came over and shared the business card and information for Healthy Homes Roanoke. Healthy Homes and Mary connected the next day and within a couple of days, Mary’s heating issued had been assessed and a plan been developed to address her concern. Mary was connected to valuable resources to help with other needs as well through Healthy Homes Roanoke such as assistance with food, insurance, and financial counseling. Mary believes the best part of working with Healthy Homes and one of its partner agencies, Renovation Alliance, is finding people that want to help you. She can’t wait to recommend Healthy Homes Roanoke to her friends and family.