What is Healthy Homes Roanoke?

Is your home safe? Is it leaky or drafty? Does it need repairs?

Healthy Homes Roanoke can help. We look at homes and see if there are ways to make them healthier, safer, and more comfortable for the families living there. We can’t fix everything. But we don’t limit our creativity in how we help.

This could mean removing toxic substances. It could mean fixing a roof or repairing plumbing. It could mean installing ramps or handrails. It could even be as simple as improving energy efficiency and lowering heating bills.

You want a healthy home and a safe space that works for your family. Healthy Homes Roanoke can connect you to the right people and resources to make that a reality.

Am I Eligible?

Healthy Homes Roanoke assists vulnerable families in the City of Roanoke. You may be eligible if you:

  • Live in the City of Roanoke
  • Have 4 or more people in your family with a combined household income under $73,100
  • Have 3 people in your family with a combined household income under $65,800
  • Have 2 people in your family with a combined household income under $58,500
  • Live by yourself with an income under $51,200

Healthy Homes Roanoke gives priority to homes built before 1978, especially with vulnerable residents including children, individuals with disabilities, and people age 62 and older. Even if you do not meet these requirements, we may still be able to connect you with agencies or service providers.

Meet Mary

Mary felt cold. Her home had a problem with its heat, and as an older woman, she knew a lack of heat could make other health concerns worse.

Mary called someone she knew could help— Brad, a City of Roanoke worker in her area. Brad connected her with Healthy Homes Roanoke. In a couple of days, Healthy Homes Roanoke figured out the problem and made a plan with Mary. They also connected Mary with agencies and groups that could help with other needs—assistance with food, insurance, and financial counseling.

Partner spotlight

Freedom First

Freedom First is a proud supporter of Healthy Homes Roanoke, a public-private partnership that renovates and restores older homes in Roanoke City to improve the health, safety, and comfort of those in need. Our team is helping address a broad range of housing challenges and identify additional resources for the initiative, as well as connect program beneficiaries with the robust financial literacy and social service resources available through the Roanoke Financial Empowerment Center at no cost to them.

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